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Young'un Under 8 Skating

Young'un Under 8 Skating

We love introducing kids to the fun of skating - our smallest skates are a toddler size 7, so if they fit, they can skate. 

Our Ice Ambassadors will take the children through games using toys, snow-play areas and seals* and give your kids an exciting first ice and snow experience. 

When Every Sunday 9am - 10.00am and daily throughout the school holidays  from 9:00am - 11:00am

Children under 8 that are new to the ice and their parents or guardians

What to wear

Warm comfortable clothes, long socks and gloves. Change of clothes is recommended as children will be playing in snow and get wet. Skates or shoes can be worn by children and adults.

*Unfortunately not real seals, though they are suited to this climate. Our seals are comfortable and bright plastic seal-shaped seats that parents (in shoes) can push their kids around on.